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Advice to a friend
The Unwoken Dream
Under the stars,the sky allure you with her charm.
The wine would taste so sweet
The darkness so inviting
To take pleasure in the sounds of chirping
And the caress of the wind
And dreaming of a lifetime of lovingIn the embrace of the one
You would long to wake up to
Cheek in her hair
The inviting ,lingering fragrance of rose and jasmine
Abounds with soft whispers
Empty promises
Wicked lies
Nothing more than a cruel thorn in the flesh
The devil's lair and bait.
The unwoken dream
Why remain in it
Why choose to suffer preprosterousity
It remains on and on
Evaporates to sorrow and guilt
Forbidden, lost
Not fulfilled, neither blessed
Unwoken, unfound.

c mun21/02/08

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