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At the sight of my haemorrhaging wounds, hub ushered me to a thorough clean up, dressing cum a significantly long lecture on biking skills. When he has dressed the unsightly spots, I emerged an embarassing Spartan of war casualty, almost.

What did this series of unfortunate events had in store for me?


Needless to say, the children were aghast at the sight of mama wrapped up at the knee and elbow. Sam as a matter-of-factly gave me advice " Next time , hold your brake and don't ride fast " ( Why do I have a feeling it is familiar like her papa's 'lecture'). Henry in particular, find it rather amusing to poke at the bandages and hear me 'hiss 'and 'ouch'. Rich, the most compassionate boy I've ever met , would felt so helpless yet tried his utmost best to comfort me. Displaying his trademark frown at the pain of others, he offered me water as if magical in that mug, it would withdraw my thorn in the flesh. Time stopped, my heart melted.

These are opportunities to beguile their 101 questions and introducing them to a good friend, Empathy. I believe children would have the faintest idea of the word until coming face to face with the adverseries and unpleasant discomforts of OTHERS and then being shepherd towards the right response and behaviour to react just and kindly to the sufferings of living beings, be it human or animals.

For now, I hug them all and tell them all the ways and means to make Mama feel better like doing their own dishes and being careful not to play rough with Mama which I know they will be glad to oblige ( at least for the time being). And they know Mama will compensate their every effort with more hugs and kisses.

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