Backpacking Dharamsala, North India, Nov 2009, Day 8 & 9  

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Trekking the Dhauladar Range of Himalayas
4th Trekking Day : On the trek from the stone huts at the foot of the mount to Indrahar Pass, 4360m. The journey commenced as early as 0500 and I reached at 1100. It was a poor night's rest prior to the climb as my guide, Mr. Tapa was disorientated to time and called to enquire at 0100, 0200 1nd 0330! He was obviously very concern that we should be on time to reach the Pass as the weather in the Himalayan heights are not favourable. Strong wind, snow or hail could start almost without a hint.

The last 200m up the summit to Indrahar Pass. Out of sheer exhaustion, I did have thoughts of turning back.