Lunch Boxes Kids Will Eat!  

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Mama Mia, here I go again! How can I resist you???
How can I resist not posting these very cute lunch creation , adults and kids alike will be thrilled to discover in their bento boxes!

Slices of bread roll decorated with stripes of sea weed. Add on fruits for your wholesome meal of fibre and antioxidents.

Mmmm, I just love those slices of ham, eggs, carrots and cucumber. Marinade the cucumber and carrots for a while in apple cider or sweet vinegar for an appetizing salad.

Mr. Egg says " Eat me..."

You will need shape moulds to cut out pretty little Sanrio rice cakes like those in the picture.

I will be on a look out for koala sandwich and egg cutters . What a sweet and picture perfect combination!

I doubt my kids will eat this...something about the green hues... (incredible hulk)

Wow, my boys will lap this all up, for the sake of Captain Jack Sparrow !

Now, now, can anyone enlighten me on the ingredient that makes the parrot and skull ?