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Thinking back, I'm not even sure now where to begin my tale of the chaos. A month before the party, hub and I agreed upon this jamboree to celebrate our sons . Sam has had hers almost every year and surely it would be most unfair if the boys do not have their share of the fun and carousal of excitement.

Mummy only managed time a few days before the auspicious day, very hopeful that she'll be able to print a Transformer Birthday Invitation somewhere from the magical treasure trove of free online printable freebies. Little in her knowledge would she realize Bumblebee and Optimus Prime cards had a price tag on them. My good friend, Mr. Peter Parker, would be the next best hero available. Spiderman in all his glory, posed in a web swinging, hand slinging stance graced the invites and of course, wooed and awed all of Ric's and Henry's classmates .

To be continued...

Welcome to my Party !

How in the world did the balloons get up there?Bumblebee was summoned from Transformerland for my birthday by Mom and Papa.

Sam with best pal, Sin Dee and the glamourous boys of the evening.

A game of Transformer Chess before the crowd arrived.

Baker's Cottage Chocolate Vanilla sponge,fresh cream

Auntieeee! I can't find my shoes !!!

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now i know who to look for to do my party

the three ladies picture.

pretty, prettiest, prettier... :P

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