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Located near the Templers Park, it is situated in between Selayang and Rawang. It took quite a bit of effort before we succeeded in locating the correct route so make sure you're armed with the right dose of info on the roads and a map before commencing your journey with the little ones.

The years has certainly taken its toll on this once picnic area famed for the lovely cascades. Our visit in March 2008 resonated a haven that has lost its charm.Pity the tiled floorings (tilings round the waterfall? Shouldn't nature be preserved as it is ?) Anyway, poor maintanance has resulted dangerously loose pieces of tiles that pose a hazard to our feet .

Lots of sand found at the waterfall surroundings with hoses of various sizes emerging here and there. Kids were actually building sand castles at the Waterfall ! Is this an indicator of the Waterfall being violated by any nearby development that wouldnt care less where their sand is washed off to ???

Read up on the spoils of Ulu Kanching :

For info & a map to Ulu Kanching:

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