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Idle hands and boredom took a toll us just before midnight and as imaginary supper menu was brewing in the children's mind, I searched high and low for the 'secret recipe' , last tried and tested to prepare some for a Boardgaming Ladies Night. By the time it was found, the children couldn't contain their excitement at the potential of creating a storm in the kitchen. Their Storm!

This much craved pastry is very easy to bake, basically a concoction of sugar, butter, eggs and flour ! You will find this an easy feat of delicous desert to impress your boss 'ehem', mother-in-laws, lovers (boys, don't be shy to display that hidden talent) .You may even make mini ones for children's parties or a high tea at home .

Ingredients (Pastry)

1 small egg
125 g butter
50 g icing sugar
250 g plain flour


. Mix the icing sugar and butter until white.

. Add the egg and flour until it forms a dough. Fold the flour in 2 parts to enable an even mixture. An electric mixer will work wonders if you have one.

. Brush the tin moulds with a light coat of oil or butter to prevent the pastry from sticking to the moulds. Press the dough onto the mould.

.Preheat the oven at 180oC for 20 min, then bake the moulds for 20 min.

Ingredients ( Filling )

100 g sugar

5 eggs ( remove two egg whites )

200 mls water


. Melt the sugar in 200 mls of boiling water. Allow the sugar syrup to cool .

. Beat the eggs and add to the sugar syrup.

. Stir and pour into the baked moulds.

. Then bake egg tarts at the same temperature for 20 mins.

I chose the easy way out of baking both the moulds and eggs at the same time in an aluminium wok (suitable for baking ) for 15 mins only. Caution : keep an eye not to overdo the eggs or burn the bottom.

Voila! Success

Needless to say, my tarts were like magic. The brood of rugrats ( dad & kids) performed the disappearing act before I can recite A to Z !

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